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A certified repair technician

Called an “iTech” handles all repairs.

Shattered or cracked screens

are all in a day’s work for iCracked.

We fix your iPhone until

it’s almost as good as new.

Extensive repairs for

a wide range of iPhone models.

Our iTechs have access to the latest,

most advanced repair tools.

Repairs are made right

in front of you.

About iCracked

Founded in California in 2010, iCracked is today’s the world largest smartphone repair business. Our global iTechs undergo advanced training and certification. We’ve fixed more than 1 million units worldwide and brought smiles to more than 500,000 individuals and corporations globally.

Our Strengths

Reliable face-to-face repairs

Selected repair parts

High repair quality


We also repair other parts of your phone, so do drop by our store or
contact us for further information on how we can help you.

” What is an iTech? “

Repair Procedure


Call us or visit our shop directly


Tell us about your device’s current condition


Our iTech repairs your device right in front of you